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Monday Opening Report: Clover Club, NYC ICY Hell's Kitchen Opening Weds

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This is the Monday Opening Report, a regular feature that provides the precise status of venues. As per standard operating procedure around here, your contributions are so very welcome.

nyc icy.jpg1) Cobble Hill: The Strongbuzz reports on the much-delayed opening of Clover Club, the new cocktail spot from Flatiron Lounge’s Julie Reiner. Yet another entry in the trend of retro cocktail lounges, the offerings are as follows: “Collins & Fizzes, Sour & Daises, Buck & Mules, Cobblers & Highballs, Juleps & Smashes, Royales, Swizzles, and Punches that can serve 4-6 friends from vintage punch bowls...There will be seasonal oysters with mignonette and cocktail sauce, caviar shrimp toast, steak tartare with caper dressing and gaufrettes, four kinds of deviled eggs, etc.” Status: Not Open. Opening Wednesday night, opening party Tuesday. 210 Smith Street, Cobble Hill; 718-855-7939. [Strongbuzz]

2) Kensington/Hell’s Kitchen: TONY’s The Feed is reporting that seasonal Italian ice chain NYC ICY quietly opened in Brooklyn’s Kensington neighborhood last week (Chowhounders confirm) with a Hell’s Kitchen location to open this Wednesday. Here’s some menu info: “In addition to established favorites like apricot ginger and classic lemon, there are new (and can we say, ridiculously good-sounding) flavors such as wild strawberries and cream...banana and dairy-free grape made from fresh Concords." Status: Brooklyn location Certified Open, Hell’s Kitchen on Wednesday. 905 Church Avenue, Kensington; no phone yet. 628 Tenth Avenue, Hell’s Kitchen, no phone yet. [The Feed; Chowhound]
—Kelly Dobkin

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