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Matsugen Mania: JGV's Soba House Opens In One Hour

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Team Eater headed down to Matsugen this afternoon to see if we could get a peek at the new setup in the old 66 space. Sadly, the place is locked up, the curtains tightly drawn. The good news is a chef said they'll be open tonight at 5:30 p.m. for dinner. And the PR team at Jean Georges reluctantly confirms:

"The restaurant has been open to the public since last night, and we were excited to welcome our guests to the restaurant, as well as the few who walked in to take a look and decided to have dinner. Since we made a conscious decision to keep the restaurant opening low-key, we will not nor have we had an official opening party."
Sure. Fine. But we are still betting that if you swing by there tomorrow eve, you might just catch a glimpse of one Mr. Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Tune in for interior shots and a peak at the menu after the weekend.
· Matsugen Mania: Jean-Georges' Soba House Opens Tomorrow [~E~]


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