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DOH Shenanigans: The Sneaky Toloache

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Midtown: In all our days chronicling DOH'ing around the city we've never seen such bold signage shenanigans. Some try covering the DOH's sign with their own handmade versions, some close their gates over them, and then of course there's this move. But leaning a large wooden board against the window? Our roving photog reports:

"This place has some nerve. There are two DOH stickers on there, one on the front window, which they've covered with the giant plywood and one on the door casing under the awning, which they've covered with a menu (though you can still see it from the back). When I passed there around 7 there was a woman at the hostess stand and a worker in the kitchen area AND a gaggle of tourists looking at the menu by the door completely oblivious to the obscured DOH stickers."
Well, you've got the tourists fooled Toloache, and perhaps that's all that really matters.
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