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EaterWire: Lotus' $40k Fine, A DUMBO Ice Cream War, Mario's Westchester Venture, and some Pizza for Red Hook

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Bastianich and Fallon at Babbo “Deccenale” Block Party

MEATPACKING DISTRICT— The closing of Lotus may not be as cut and dry and we all thought. Take it away Mr. Cutlets: "Earlier this month, the State Liquor Authority leveled a staggering $40,000 in fines against the club and suspended its liquor license for 21 days...the club was charged with a couple dozen violations from August of 2003 (operating as a cabaret without a license) to March 2007 (failing to conform with governmental regulations regarding security guards)...Other charges include allowing the premises to become disorderly, selling to minors, harboring a robbery, and operating under the name Lotus without permission." [Cutlets]

DUMBO— DUMBO is in the middle of a regular summer ice cream truck war: "Seen for the first time in Dumbo were at least 5 different ice cream/slush trucks (not pictured is a flavored ice cart on Washington and York Street). So what you say? Not if you consider that they were stationed within a six block radius at once. And that doesn’t include Almondine’s sorbets, Jacques Torres ice cream sandwiches, and the delis with ice cream in the neighborhood." [Dumbo NYC via Curbed]

WESTCHESTER— Some new details about the Batali/Bastianich team's newest venture, a restaurant in Westchester: "Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich's restaurant venture in Port Chester is now slated to open in September. Westchester magazine reports the eatery will be some sort of hybrid between Mozza and Otto. The word is that restaurant may keep the name of the original space -- Tarry Lodge -- or latinize it as 'Loggia'." [The Food Section]

RED HOOK— And there's some Red Hook pizza news from where else, Slice: "Anselmo is building two bakeries in Red Hook Brooklyn,New York. Anselmo will be a full-line bakery Restaurant in Pizza, pasta, pastries and breads...The first bakery will be done by July 4th and the second will be done by December 2008...COAL BRICK OVEN PIZZA AND BREAD!" [Slice]

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