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EaterWire AM Edition: Team Dell'Anima Taking Over Maremma Space

WEST VILLAGE— It looks like the folks at Maremma have finally found a taker for their monster of a space on West 10th Street, which went on the market in mid-April. This comes straight from our CB 2 correspondent who attended last night's meeting:

"It's curtains for Maremma. Part of the team behind Dell'Anima, Joe Campanale included, is planning to convert the space to...drum roll please...a rustic Italian restaurant. Joe was there, but didn't speak. The guy that did most of the talking mentioned being a relative of Cesare Casella. The CB2 committee gave them approval and they settled on 2 a. m. weekday and 4 a. m. weekend closing times."
It's a bold move for a restaurateur whose first place hasn't even celebrated its one year anniversary yet, but we have to say Campanale's place is packed every night. Will team Dell'Anima be able to overcome the failings that Maremma always attributed to their location? Stay tuned for Maremma's closing date and any parting words from Mr. Cesare Casella.
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