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First Word: CB2 Is Good to the Hanson, Mercat, Viceroy and More!!

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Team Dell'Anima wasn't the only group having a good time at last night's Community Board 2 Business meeting. The usually strict committee was a benevolent bunch and approved everybody that showed up with a complete application:

1) The Full Hanson himself was there to present his plan to actually reduce capacity at Vento. He wants to lose some seats to improve the overall experience, but the bulk of the change will be swapping out the bar.

2) Even though it's hotter than hell now, sun-stroked New Yorkers will have to wait a couple more summers to cool off in what will be the Viceroy Hotel's rooftop pool, going up at 330 Hudson Street. The committee narrowly approved the license for the adjacent rooftop bar, and the full board will vote later this month. Neither the committee nor the developer wants another "Hotel Gansevort situation" so Viceroy management is looking to use price point as a crowd control tool. $30 mojitos, anybody? But as the developer revealed, they cannot legally deny any schmo off the street access to the roof.

3) Mercat owner Jaime Reixach successfully petitioned for a full license.

4) A 50's-era-themed supper club is slated to open mid-October on 9th Street
between 5th and 6th. No live music, but all the Lobster Thermidor, Baked Alaska and old-school cocktails you and your hep date can handle.
— Adam Haas
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