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Kate Krader on Ago

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Food & Wine keeper of the Best New Chefs, Kate Krader, posted the following without naming names, but in light of the Bruni's Ago rant today we've got ourselves a reveal: "There was the bartender who spilled the biggest drink ever on my friend's friend. There were the hostesses who saw it happen, laughed and then ignored us. There was the very very long wait for our table. Then there was our table for four that turned out to be roughly the size of a toilet. There were the managers who stood at the end of the bar drinking while we waited and waited for our waiter. Then there was our waiter who briefly considered balancing our extra appetizer on top of our wine glasses because there was no room on the table. There was the food which was, on balance, bad and prepared by a chef who obviously had little to no interest in farmer's markets or seasonal produce in general." [Mouthing Off]

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