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Zach Klein to Open Hippest Donut Shop in Town?

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Zach Klein, co-founder of College Humor and Vimeo and probably the richest 25 year-old in Brooklyn, has a new project up his sleeve, and it's a real brick-and-mortar venture. According to his personal blog, Zachy wants to open a gourmet donut shop in, you guessed it, Williamsburg:

"Usually I’m shy when people ask me what I’m working on, but that’s because I don’t like to mistake talking about something with actually doing something. However, it’s different with this shop. I consider myself a decent bootstrapping online entrepreneur, but I still have my brick and mortar virginity. I seek a managing partner to help me open a shop, and through the process teach me the ins and outs of running a kitchen-based business in NYC."
Brace yourselves donut lovers. Knowing Zach chances are it will be out of control hip and, if he finds the right partner, incredibly successful. UPDATE: We asked Klein to fill in some of the details. His answers:
· I intend to prove that not all donuts are created equal, to be a local favorite. Most importantly, my donuts will be scratch-made by cute girls imported from Bavaria.
· I will serve primary investment and creative role.
· Currently searching for a manager with food and hospitality experience in NYC, and a special baker.
· Scouting for space now
· Open to partnerships of any kind.
· I'm not financially driven, rather I'd be content with a break-even business -- I want donuts to be a part of my diet but there aren't any to be had around here. I have no other option than to start a shop myself. From my experience at Connected Ventures, I know the best products come from solving personal needs. I was delighted to realize this particular donut desperation because I've been searching for ways to lay roots in Williamsburg and play a role in shaping its lifestyle and identity.
· Aside, would also like to invest in a Urban Rustic type grocery south of Metropolitan. I've attempted to contact Daniel Cipriani, but no word back yet.

· So I'm Really Into Donuts... [Secret Enemy Hideout]

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