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Plywood Report: Fulton, Ottomanelli’s, Red Mango, NYC ICY, 16 Handles

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1) Upper East Side: Above we've got a picture of Fulton, a new restaurant going into a spot on 75th and 3rd. Intel is scarce on this puppy so any tips are welcome. UPDATE: from the tipline: I believe that this is owned by Citarella. I was told months ago by a manager at Citarella that it was going to be a 'Joseph’s like the one that used to be in the theatre district. Perhaps they changed the name?" [PLYWOOD]

2) Lower East Side: And finally we find out what wonderful restaurant will replace the failed Dash Dogs on 127 Rivington. From the tipline: "I just talked to one of the guys sawing/drilling on the place, and a burrito place is going in where dash dogs was on rivington." [PLYWOOD]

3) Harlem: Italian restaurant Ottomanelli’s is opening their sixth location on 1325 Fifth Ave. at 111th St. in Harlem. From the press release: “'Ottomanelli’s will open a restaurant with an outdoor café facing the park on Fifth Avenue,' says Ms. Consolo. 'It will be a brasserie but in the traditional style we have come to expect from this famous company.'" [PLYWOOD]

4) East Village: Jeremiah's Vanishing has a shot of the plywood for 16 Handles, the new self seve fro-yo joint opening in the old Cold Stone Creamery space: "DIY 16 Handles. Is this supposed to appeal to all us Gen-X fans of John Hughes movies? (PS: They're paying $170 a sq ft, that's over 20k a month, plus the basement.)" [PLYWOOD]

5) Hell's Kitchen: Life with Food and Drink checks in on plywood vet NYC ICY, and while this would be a fortuitous week to open, the place still looks a ways off: " could see that the counter is up in the back. But the floor was still covered with cement buckets and other construction implements, the way it has been for several weeks if not months by now. NYC Icy, when are you coming? I want some creatively flavored frozen treats!" [PLYWOOD]

6) Murray Hill Continuing on the frozen treat trend, Urbanite has some Red Mango plywood news from Murray Hill: "the Red Mango location has signage up announcing its new store at East 34th Street and Third Avenue, on the northeast corner. Hiring is already under way." [PLYWOOD]

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