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Eater Sneak Peek: Once Pardo's, Now Panca

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Pardo's the West Village restaurant, and intl chain, heralded for bringing authentic Peruvian rotisserie chicken to New York will re-open after a renovation as Panca. But chicken-lovers beware, the signaure dish is off the menu. Writes a tipster:

"Pardo's Chicken was closed for what looked like a sprucing up. It has gone through a concept change. The menu is already on display; lots of cerviché and some stuff from Pardo's but the rotisserie is gone. I think they liked the business across the street at Sushi Samba. Its a lot easier to chop raw fish then cook a lot of chickens. Pardo's was very busy go figure."
A peek inside confirms: new design, new strange shelf of books, and a chef who tells us they are dropping the chicken and "going in a new direction."
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