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The Curious Case of NYC's First 'Sports Bar for Kids'

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Last month a 'sports memorabilia and ice cream store' called Last Licks made it into the plywood report, and at the time it just sounded like somewhat quirky Manhattan opening. But we did not realize just how quirky, or awesomely bizarre even, this place was until we got the press release today describing it as a kids sports bar:

"Last Licks Ice Cream stores, dubbed the 'sports bar for kids' by its originator Brandon Steiner, are open for business in New York City. A Grand Opening is scheduled for Saturday, June 28, when Baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron will cut the ribbon and throw out a ceremonial opening pitch....
A sports-themed ice cream parlor, Last Licks caters to the youngsters, and kids can enjoy a sundae, meet major league stars past and present, watch televised games on monitors throughout the store, and fantasize in a simulated Yankees dugout."
That's right. It's an ice cream store and Hank Aaron will be there. This concept sounds just about perfect for Times Square, but we have to give them credit for getting real players to make appearances. Hell, at least it sounds more interesting than the Moxie Spot.
· Last Licks [Official Site]
· The Plywood Report: Last Licks [~E~]

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