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Plywood Report: Lantern, Novo Space, Tasti D'Lite, Fu, and More!

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1) Gramercy: A tipster reports: "Lantern on the corner of 18th and 2nd Ave is almost finished. The plywood is scheduled to come down for a proposed opening on Monday. From the decor and the Lantern logo it seems to be the Manhattan off-shoot of Lantern Thai in Brooklyn." [PLYWOOD]

2) Upper East Side: 78th and 2nd reports on the construction of the Upper East Side's 10th Tasti D'Lite: "Tasti D-Lite is unrolling a new location which is situated just off Lex and 86th. That is the company's tenth spot on the Upper East Side, by my count, which is now nearing Starbucks-like numbers (13 locations)." [PLYWOOD]

3) West Soho/Hudson Square: The space that was most recently Novo the wine bar and lounge (and before that Novo the restaurant) is now under construction. No word as to who's behind it or what it's to become. [PLYWOOD]

4) East Village: Bottomless Dish reports on a yet-to-be-named Japanese spot: " I was stopped in front of my building last night by a man looking for signatures to petition for a liquor license at his soon-to-open Japanese restaurant...He told me he hasn't yet chosen a name for the place, but is toying with the idea of 'Fu'--'as in 'F-U.' It's my name,' he explained." [PLYWOOD]

5) Harlem: A reader offers some scant intel on a mystery project in Harlem: "Awnings just went up at 112th and St. Nicholas, just north of the new luxury hi-rise on Central Park North. It looks like a large space and permits are posted. No info on what or who." [PLYWOOD]

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