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EaterWire: Liquor Licenses in Jeopardy at Cipriani, Socialista, Rainbow Room

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NEW YORK CITY— According to reports in both the Times and the Post this morning, the SLA is threatening to revoke the liquor licenses at all Cipriani locations, the Rainbow Room, and Socialista. The SLA reports cite the owner's conviction for tax evasion last year, but it's unclear why the shitstorm is coming down now:

"The 14-page complaint focuses mainly on the October tax-evasion convictions of Giuseppe and his father, Arrigo Cipriani, in which they got no jail time and were ordered to pay back $10 million.

The SLA also charges that Giuseppe made his license available to people who were not permitted to use it, including his father, Arrigo, mother Carmela, and sister Giovanna.

Giuseppe has until June 11 to respond to the SLA charges."

We're guessing that, as was the case with last year's conviction, the Ciprianis will figure something out (most likely by throwing money at the problem). However, the SLA is getting tougher and might not be appeased so easily. We'll all see on June 11th.
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