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Eater Spot Check: Cabrito Update, Zak P Sighting

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Team Eater moseyed on over to Cabrito, the new goat-centric Mexican place at the doomed 50 Carmine space, yesterday afternoon to see if the restaurant was indeed in soft opening phases. Doors were open, a hostess manned the front, and yes, people were eating. Sadly, they were open for only "critics and friends" (and we fall into neither category), so we didn't sample the fare at the restaurant which somehow transitioned from one dubious theme to another in under a month. But, there's always tonight. Bonus fun: the busiest man in town Zak Pelaccio was spotted just outside 48 Carmine, the alleged spot for his new project with Josh DeChellis and Will Goldfarb, The Windsor. Perhaps the Carmine project is moving forward faster than we all thought.
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