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TrendWatch: Will Self Serve Be the Newest Weapon in the Fro-Yo Wars?

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West Village: A couple weeks ago a curious place called Yogurtland opened up on Bleecker Street. In an age where a new yogurt shop opens up every other week, it seemed like no big deal. But this isn't your typical Pinkberry spin off or Tasti D'Lite competitor. This place is entirely self serve, and you pay by the weight of your cup. Is it a gimmick? Yes. Does it have the likelihood of becoming a big grubby mess? Sure. Is it serving some of the best fro-yo in town? Not a chance. However, we are going to give them credit for trying something different and for letting the consumers decide just how much peach tart frozen yogurt to take and how many spoons of graham cracker crumbs to pour on top. Perhaps it will become the new NYC fro-yo trend.
· Yogurtland Certified Open [~E~]

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