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Thursday Opening Report: Boulangerie Cognac, Hallo Berlin Express, Yogurtland Certified Open

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This is the Thursday Opening Report, a regular feature that provides the precise status of venues. As per standard operating procedure around here, your contributions are so very welcome.

Midtown Lunch

1) Midtown: Midtown Lunch posts an early review of Boulangerie Cognac, a new “to go” spot for rotisserie chicken, attached to 3-week-old Brasserie Cognac. Here are the details: “The boulangerie doesn’t really have much in the way of other lunch items. There are breads and pastries, plus a couple of sandwiches and salads (all for take out only), but none of it looked that special. $7.95 gets you half a chicken, $13.95 for the whole, and there are no sides." Status: Certified Open. 1740 Broadway; 212-757-3600. [Midtown Lunch]

2) Carroll Gardens: Flo Fab reported yesterday that new Pizza joint, South Brooklyn Pizza, had opened on Court Street in Carroll Gardens. She writes: “Pizzaiolos can be fussy, and Jim McGowan, a real estate developer and self-taught pizzamaker, is no different...he will make individual thin-crust pizzas and serve them on wooden planks, starting Thursday.” Status: Unknown. No answer to calls. 451 Court Street, Carroll Gardens; 718-852-6018.

3) Park Slope: A new organic bakery and takeout joint called Organic Heights has been reported open by TONY. Here’s the scoop: “Realtor-by-day Paul Zümoff tries his hand at the culinary racket with this organic bakery and takeout spot, featuring 30 varieties of tea and fair-trade, shade-grown coffees. Vegan cheesecakes and other baked goods are sweetened with agave, and to-go items include penne pasta in a pistachio-pesto sauce.” Status: Unknown. No answer to calls. 460 Bergen Street, Park Slope, 718-622-4303. [TONY]

4) West Village: Another fro-yo contender has entered the ring with the opening of Yogurtland in the West Village. TONY reports it open and checks in with the following: “Another California yogurt chain has hit New York. This one is a self-serve spot featuring 16 rotating flavors (such as peach tart—as in sour) and more than 30 toppings that range from virtuous (pomegranate seeds) to junky (Gummi bears). Yogurt is priced to move at a trifling 30¢ per ounce.” Status: Certified Open. 267 Bleecker Street; 212-206-1824. [TONY]

5) Midtown: Midtown Lunch has been hot on the trail of Hallo Berlin Express’s opening, and yesterday he reported the following: “4pm and the front doors were wide open, with meatballs, sauerkraut, sausages and potatoes heating up on the griddle. They weren’t taking orders, but managed to sell a water to one guy, before realizing there was no money in the register to make change.” Status: Certified Open. 744 Ninth Avenue; 212-333-2372. [Midtown Lunch]

6) West Village: And last but not least, an update from Monday's Opening Report. Cabrito, the new Mexican restaurant opening in the BarFry space, has been reported as being soft open by a tipster. Thrillist and Daily Candy report today that it is opening tomorrow. Status: Answering machine says it will open tomorrow. We believe but can't confirm that it will be soft open again tonight. 50 Carmine Street; 212-929-5050 [Thrillist; DC]

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