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Charity Events Imitating Art/Top Chef

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Over the weekend the Gender Public Advocacy Coalition held a Top Chef themed charity event for people willing to shell out $250-$2,500 to see Ilan Hall battle it out with Hung Huynh. A tipster was there and reports on the details:

"The event was pretty great, a cook off between Hung and Ilan judged by Ted Allen and Josie. They had to come up with 3 dishes and a cocktail using a mixed bag of secret ingredients. This all had to be done in 35 minutes. The great part about the whole thing was the ingredients they had to use it included: Ostrich meat, Nesquick chocolate milk mix, peanuts, canned salmon, corn flakes, pumpkin puree and a host of other things."
Ah, if only more things in life could harness the genius of a quickfire challenge.
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