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DOH Chronicles: Mice Droppings Found in Veniero's Chocolate

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East Village: Yesterday, the DOH shuttered the 114 year-old East Village pastry house Veniero's. A sign in their window announced that the health violations and pest problems were due to a "Capital Improvement Project." Sure, that could account for some of the violations, but no renovations should lead to mice droppings in the chocolate. Get it together guys. Coming straight from the DOH's official report:

"Veniero’s Café was closed on Tuesday, May 6 following an inspection that found a vermin and rodent infestation. Over 300 mice droppings were found in six separate areas of the café. Two dead mice were found, live roaches were observed, and mice droppings were found in a 10 lb box of chocolate...
...Other conditions contributing to the closing were substantial amounts of food that were in uncovered containers, garbage accumulation, and six holes in walls that would allow rodents to enter.

In order to reopen, Veniero’s Café must correct all conditions that led to violations, submit an affidavit of correction to the Health Department and schedule a re-opening inspection. Veniero’s Café representatives have not yet contacted the Health Department."

Sounds like this shutter was a long time coming.
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