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Cha-Chum! Chumley's Delays Continue

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West Village: For the Plywood Report a couple of weeks ago, a correspondent reported that Chumley's looked pretty much the same as it did one, two, and three months ago. Lost City chimes in today to say that barely any substantial work has been done and that the crew needs to put it into drive:

"Work does continue on the building. There's a new piece of scaffolding in the inner courtyard that wasn't there when I last looked. But this saloon is nowhere close to being ready to accept customers. And I don't see how it will ever open with just a few guys puttering around inside from time to time. A near wreck like 86 Bedford Street needs an army of workers buzzing around it 24 hours a day to have a hope in hell of rising up from the ashes."
We are with you Lost City. And at this point, we will settle for a mid-June opening.
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