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Eater Listings Follow Up: 'Williamsburger' Takes Open BBurg Space

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Two weeks ago we acted as a property owner's personal Craigslist and posted their listing for a restaurant space in Williamsburg up on Eater, because hey, we're in business of helping people. It looks like the little scheme worked: the landlord's son emailed to say they found a tenant in a week and a half. And what a tenant it is:

"The new tenant will be a burger joint called 'Williamsburger'. I look forward to that because spending $12 bucks for a decent cheeseburger in Brooklyn is a bit outrageous (sorry Dumont Burger)."
We all knew that the day would come when a restaurant named Williamsburger would open, so don't try to fight it people. Oh and we're thinking some free burgers will suffice for the finder's fee.
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