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DOH Chronicles: Bowery Electric's 3AM DOH Raid

East Village: A report from a tipster at Bowery Electric when it was raided by the DOH at 3am Saturday morning:

"...Forget seeing Kirsten Dunst have to be carried out by some dark-haired hipster dude! I'm sitting there at the bar with a new friend, when I see a cop walk in. Then I see another. I say to myself, 'I guess they are getting raided, that's fine.' I don't really think about it, until the bartenders start panicking a little, and closing the containers with the lemons and limes so they aren't exposed, and getting rid of what I could only assume were their own drinks. The next thing I know, the cops are behind the bar with flashlights. Then I see an old guy with a 'DOH' hat, and I say to my friend, 'Dude, they are being raided by the DOH at 3am!'...The guy with the DOH hat asked the owner some questions (he was typically sweaty/nervous) for about 15 minutes. Though I was at the bar, it was hard to hear what they were saying, as the DOH guy kept his head in his clipboard (yes, really.)...Do they really raid bars at 3am?!"
We've put the question to representatives at the DOH. Stay tuned for their response on night raid policies and on what went down on the Bowery this weekend.
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