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Ko-BOOM: Greene's Review of Momo' Ko, Craigslist Tom Up

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Gael Greene files her awaited review of Momofuku Ko, following last week's Craigslist Tom/double booking debacle. For the record, Tom is cute, the chefs, bored, and Chang, rude. As for the food, Greene finds it impressive but uneven overall. Some highlights:

· On Tom: "He seemed unimpeachably righteous to me in his business suit, taller than Clint Eastwood, with curly, dark blond hair and blue eyes."
· On the chefs: "The crew nimbly slicing, slivering, plating, announcing each dish as it was presented - were too joyless, rushed, indifferent, possibly bored".
· On girls and boys dishes: "And I’m sure an anti-feminist plot can be found in analyzing which dishes go to the 'ladies' and which to 'the gentlemen,' in courses that don’t come in pairs."

· On the famous foie gras dish: "...has brought some worthy critics to their knees. But I am forced to taste it again and again to be sure I hate it as much as I do. I wouldn’t be happy lapping up shavings of pork fat either."
· On the resy confrontation: "an officious type brandishing his BlueBerry, accosts Tom right there, at the counter. 'There it is,' he says, pointing to some indecipherable print on the miniscule screen, 'Your cancellation.'"
· On the Big send off: "'I believe Chef Chang feels that if we have made a mistake, you should be our guest and if you have made an error, we don’t want your money.' I am stung. How rude. How stupid and insulting did Chang need to be?"

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