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EaterWire: Marion's Shuttering, Bouchon Expanding, and Kobe Club Miami Rumors

EAST VILLAGE— Some somewhat unsurprising (temporary?) shuttering news from the Bowery: "Marion's continental on Bowery had their last dinner service on Saturday night - supposedly for a two-month renovation, but with all of the changes in the area, and with Antik & King's Cross next door, not sure what the deal is." Their website confirms that they'll be closed for a few weeks doing "repairs" for a "special project". [EaterWire]

NEW YORK CITY— We hear word that a Bouchon Bakery expansion is in the works. From the tipline: "Bouchon has started a commissary in Queens to mass-produce its baked goods. Thomas Keller and Co. will then sell them at Bouchon outposts throughout the city. These won't be cafes like at Time Warner but just small bakery outlets. They hope to have a few locations open by this summer. (Watch for the Bouchon delivery van, decked out in that signature TK green.)" [EaterWire]

MIAMI— And for some Monday fun, we have a bit of unconfirmed rumormongering from Miami Beach: "I know it is in Miami but i also know what huge fans of Jeffrey Chodorow you are so...Kobe club will be closed within weeks and the long running tuscan steak will be changing to tuscan fish within months." [EaterWire]
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