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Adventures in Shilling #030: Bookmarks, I Sodi, M1-5, Diablo Royale

It's time for another edition of Adventures in Shilling, in which we fight shilling the best way we can, by shaming tasteless, unscrupulous shills into submission. Well, that's the plan, at least. Fight shills yourself by dropping offensive links to

2008_05_isodi.jpgFor a special Friday edition of Adventures in Shilling we've caught the bad guys in the comments, Citysearch, and NYMag trying their very best to promote the city's unsung restaurants. Some could be real die hard fans, but collateral damage just comes with the territory here. Let's get to interrogating the suspects:

We're not sure if this Citysearch review of Bookmarks is written by a shill or someone who gets easily excited: "I was just there this past Saturday evening and I have to say that I had a really nice time with my friends. Loved the outside rooftop space...It is so nice to be able to relax in a chic atmosphere. Great place to go after work if you want to avoid a crowd or do not want to be 'seen' They make a killer martini! Overall, I would have to say I was very pleased and definitely plan on returning in the future."
Shill Probability: 44%

The following Eater comment could just an innocent fan who just loves I Sodi so very much, but you can never be too sure: "My partner and I went to i Sodi this past Memorial Day weekend (on Sunday) and we were certainly NOT disappointed. We found all the tastes of Tuscany we've come to love under one little roof in the West Village! How terrific is that?...Also worth noting was the Scampi with white beans. It had real scampi! Not shrimp substituting for scampi, but the real shell fish as found in Venezia. Anyone looking for an authentic taste of Italy would be well served to visit i Sodi one night. We can't wait to go back again."
Shill Probability: 52%

A tipster alerts us to this NYMag user review for Tribeca bar M1-5, and we have to say it looks a tad shilly: "This bar has gone through a major transformation since last I went there. The new management team and owners have successfully softened up the feel. Designers now transform the place with every new season, the sound system is awesome, and you can now hideaway with your date in the draped, cushioned private booths...I recommend to anyone that wants to be treated like a customer, instead of an intruder to come here."
Shill Probability: 71%

There are a number of suspicious comments on the Diablo Royale DOH'ing post from a couple days ago, many of them regarding the food safety: "Chefs wear gloves when handling food, and because everything in the kitchen is in plain sight of the dining room, I have had many opportunities to see my food being prepared right in front of me. The environment is clean and the staff has always taken the time to make sure my food is exactly the way I ordered it. The environment is friendly and fun because the restaurant is friendly and fun. After the flood I saw staff from the restaurant spending the next few days cleaning the restaurant from top to bottom. They mentioned that they had to reorder fresh food and made sure everything was in working order. This seems to be a simple case of the DOH wanting to take precaution in a time like this."
Shill Probability: 90%

We just have the throw the following in for fun, given that it's SATC weekend and all. This comment was left Wednesday on an almost two month-old James Beard Awards post: "Kim Cattrall is a terrific, talented actress. She is better known for Sex and the City but has perfomed in many movies. She is the quintessential New Yorker and I am extremely happy that she will be hosting the Awards Ceremony. This is a glamorous event and we need someone with grace and wit to keep things moving. She is just perfect for the job and I congratulate whoever had the wonderful idea to choose her. Hope she is a smash!"
Shill Probability: 92%

I Sodi

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