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FW: Terrible Service at Mercadito

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From: [an eater]
Date: Friday, May 30, 2008
To: eater complaints dept.
Subject: Terrible Service at Mercadito

I had a weirdly awful experience at Mercadito on Ave B on Sunday night. My boyfriend and I had both been wanting to try the place, and I was in the mood for ceviche, so we swung by at around 7pm. We sat in the back garden area, which was nice, and our waiter, who seemed sort of scatterbrained, came over to take our order. We picked the scallop ceviche for a starter, and ordered tacos and a salad as our mains. Cut to 40 minutes later, and we're still sitting there, hungry. Our waiter comes back, and asks us if we received the ceviche. We tell him no, and he scutters off. He returns, and mumbles something about how it went out, and they're not sure what happened to it, but they'll be getting another to us soon. Okay, so we wait about 10 more minutes and the food finally arrives.

We start in on the ceviche, and our entrees arrive (nice coursing). The food was very good, but we were a little miffed about how long it took for the server to rectify his mistake. When he came back to check in with us, we told him that we'd prefer not to pay for the ceviche because of the service issues.

Now here's where it gets weird.

He runs off to flag down a manager, who then comes over to our table to tell us that they just "can't" comp things. But, he can offer us a free round of drinks or a dessert. We opt for drinks, and order two margaritas on the rocks with salt. They soon appear, sans salt - and alcohol! That's right, they sent us virgin margaritas. How offensive. Why, when a simple gesture could right the situation, would you choose to go and further piss off a customer? Puzzling.

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