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Good News/ Bad News Hundred Acres

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Strangely enough, considering the story behind the place and the blogger and media heavy opening, there aren't too many reviews of Hundred Acres, the new restaurant in the old Provence space, yet. It's been open for all of eight days and there's nothing on the Citysearch, the Chowhound or the eGullet. Luckily, some intrepid fans and detractors have been able to get through to have their opinions heard. And with their help, we have the good news and the bad news:

1) Good News: A Yelper has an all out rave for the place: "Really cool decor, and in the front they open the floor to ceiling windows so it feels like you're eating outside. The menu isn't overdone, and combines comfort food with fresh, in-season ingredients. They also have an awesome wine director who helps you pick out what bottles you want to go with your dishes. For our mains, I got the pork nettle sausage with fava bean ragu. LOVED it. All in all, a GREAT experience..." [Yelp]

2) The Pretty Good News: An Eater commenter attended the open party and has concise mixed review: "Was there last night. Didn't really like the new decor (not as welcoming before), but the food was tasty. Particularly enjoyed the nettle croquettes and sliders." [Eater Comments]

3) The Bad News: Almost all of the Menupages reviewers so far like some aspects but find something to complain about: "It was good, but clearly suffering from new opening syndrome in the kitchen...fried stuff like asparagus and rabbit overly, overly greasy. Brandade very good but all the raw vegetables gave me a jawache, literally was painful to eat. Fluke fantastic, but minimal. Fries utterly forgettable. Some things serves too hot, others too cold. I do think v good value for the money, the kitchen just has to get its groove on. Execution clearly not at the level of ambitions yet." [Menupages]

4) The Mostly Good News: An opening night review from the inbox: "I went here early on opening night. I really like the look of the place and I think it will be a good place to get a drink in the neighborhood. Service was also great. We liked the asparagus fries and the blt lettuce wraps (though we think the wraps were overpriced). The sausage entree was just plain weird. Just a big sausage in a kind of bean soup, not really an appealing meal. A friend told me the burgers are amazing so I'll have to go back to try them." [Eater Inbox]

5) The Bad News: A Yelper chimes in with some more inevitable bad news: "the food - just wasn't impressed...everything was apps we ordered the was simple- not cheesy and not that an entree i had the scallops...BLAND! and the desserts - we got both the chocolate cake and rhubarb pie were average..the chocolate cake is bitter not sweet." [Yelp]

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