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Friday Double Deathwatch: Beer Table & Burger Shoppe

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We are just going to say right here and now that the next restaurant to come up with an outlandishly overpriced menu item as a way to "create buzz" and get coverage in the Daily News and Gothamist (serial followers of this junk) will be subject to automatic Deathwatch. We are making an example out of Beer Table, with its $95 bottles of beer, and Wall Street Burger Shoppe, with its ridiculous $175 burger, to show that we mean business. We're sorry, but each crossed the line. (And we're not completely insane: If either restaurant agrees to drop its menu item, we'll remove both venues from the Deathwatch immediately.) The gold flecked desserts, the foie gras cheesesteaks, and whatever else you other restaurateurs are cooking up— cease and desist. And Daily News, we are about five seconds away from Deathwatching your entire food section—how many more times will you fall for this pathetic routine?
· $95 of Beer on the Wall [NYDN]
· The $175 Burger is a haute handful for rarefied tastes [NYDN]

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