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Eater Inside: Sheridan Square

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Krieger, 5/28/08

This little number above with the funny red lamps and the schmancy table settings is the West Village's newest addition, Sheridan Square. From Biltmore Room chef Gary Robins, this place has been long in the making and has been a point of curiosity for folks in the neighborhood for quite awhile. The space, next to the shuttered/"renovating" Tasca, sat in plywood stages for the better part of a year when it was set to debut as Central Kitchen. Luckily its newest iteration has actually served some customers and holds its god honest official opening tonight (it's been in previews for a week).

So what's on the menu? The specialty here is supposedly the meats and whole fish cooked in Robins' cherrywood-burning oven and his grill outfitted with "antique wood chips". Hate to say it, but the price point ($24-39 for entrees and apps hovering in the high teens) here makes us want to Deathwatch this sucker ASAP. But we'll be patient. We're sure the amateurs will be filing reports in no time and one or two critics might stop by because of Robins' background and the saga of the space itself. Until then, further reading here and here.

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