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RED ALERT: DOB, DOH Set Loose on all of West Village!!

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Chang to the bunker, women and children to the basement of Morandi, strong men report to the Waverly. This West Village situation has gotten out of control and we don't know who's next. Employees Only (in the Danger Zone above) and Diablo Royale (smack dab in the Strike Zone) are already down for the count. But once the DOB and the DOH taste blood they won't stop at closing down a paltry two. Here at Eater HQ, we're calling an official red alert, and we're suggesting all you restaurants in the Strike Zone (Westville, I Tre Merli) the Danger Zone (Maremma, Lima's Taste) and outer regions (the Pig, The Owl) to heed the warnings and be on the lookout for the city's agents.
· CODE RED: DOB Joins West Village Sweep, Employees Only Latest Victim

Employees Only

7953 Santa Monica Boulevard, , CA 90046 (323) 536-9045 Visit Website

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