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Early Word: Sam Talbot's Surf Lodge

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Out of a longstanding love for a certain ex-reality TV star and a need to bring you the most vital news from the East End, Team Eater trekked out to the Hamptons this weekend to visit the main event, Surf Lodge. Sam Talbot's newest venture—and first as exec chef—was not the mess we half expected it to be and actually, showed huge signs of potential. Being their second night of service, the flavors were off here and there, yet they served a very solid lobster roll, accompanied by textbook fries. Ceviche with fluke, blueberries, and popcorn could have been on a Quickfire challenge, but somehow worked. Both the flounder and the striped bass had nice, deep flavor. Chicken needs work but has a good broth—it’ll get there. And the burger could use an edit, but in fairness it did get raves from others. When chef Talbot relaxes a bit, Mulholland and co. will have a Sunset Beach killer on their hands.
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