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Eater Sneak Peek: 10 Downing Plywood Down

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West Village: A crafty resident of 10 Downing grabbed shots of the newly papered (formerly plywooded) windows of the beleaguered long awaiting Jason Neroni/Katy Sparks restaurant below his apartment. But he also snuck in to get some interior shots. Bravo. Last we heard from the people at Steve Hall PR, they're just waiting on some Dept. of Buildings paperwork, but a tipster has already alerted us to at least one sous chef that has left because of delays. Hell, at least they have furniture in there now. Perhaps we're optimists, but we're putting our updated bets on an mid-to-late-June open.
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10 Downing Food and Wine

10 Downing Street, New York, NY 10014 212-255-0300

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