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Beach Wars: There's a New Boozy Beach Spot in Town!

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Yesterday, Gowanus Lounge brought news of Beer Island, a new outdoor drinking spot, complete with trucked in sand, right off the boardwalk in Coney Island. Says GL: "...might best be described as a little bit of Water Taxi Beach, but without the East River and in Coney Island. We’re predicting big things for it this summer." You can say that again. Located on what was once a mini-golf course, the stretch of sand could prove a fun hangout if the owners add some food to their beer heavy menu. But could it be so fun as to rival resident fun fake beach spot Water Taxi Beach? Let's put them head to head to find out:

The Crowd
WTB: Manhattanites too broke/lazy to go to the real beach. Young, hip crowd getting food and drinks after P.S. 1's weekly Warm Up parties. The crowd skews young, drunken, fun.
BI: We'll have to make an official spot check but from what we hear the place isn't nearly as crowded as Water Taxi Beach. We're betting it will draw the hipsters and the yuppies yes, but mixed in with Coney Island regulars.

WTB: Water Taxi Beach doesn't just serve burgers, they win awards for them. They've also got hot dogs, chili dogs, fries, and in July and August, Friday Night Chicken BBQ! There is no contest here.
BI: This being 'Beer' Island, they have a lot of standard brews on offer but only hot dogs in the way of food. We'd be surprised if they don't ramp up the operation and have more options when summer really gets going. Or perhaps Harry Hawk should get in on the action and form some sort of partnership with the owners.

The View
WTB: The beautiful Manhattan skyline of course. And what's not to love about the not entirely slimy East River?
BI: No views to speak of. Since the sand plot is on the other side of the boardwalk from the ocean, what you'll be looking at is a bunch of school buses, a parking lot, some carnival rides, and Nathan's.

The Nabe
WTB: There isn't much around Water Taxi Beach, and most visitors consider it a destination in itself. If you want to venture further into Long Island City, there are a fair amount of restaurants and shops but most visitors don't bother.
BI: Beer Island is by no means a destination. It is a boozy place to sit down and maybe someday eat and listen to music. They have a huge opportunity to add some good eating to the otherwise wasteland of a boardwalk.

The Commute
WTB: Take the 7 one stop into Queens or the Water Taxi from FiDi. 45 min to an hour from Lower Manhattan.
BI: Take the D, F, N, or Q. It's about 45 min to an hour from Lower Manhattan.

WTB: Beach parties with DJ's, Friday Night Chicken BBQ's.
BI: The signs promise 'entertainment' so the possibilities are endless. We hear they could be setting up a volleyball net, but they could also have live music, dancers...let your imagination run wild.

Winner: Obviously WTB wins in terms of the view, the food, and the fun setting, but Beer Island has a real opportunity to add some new life to Coney Island.
· Brooklyn Nibbles: Beer Island Arrives in Coney [GL]

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