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EaterWire BLOCKBUSTER: 9th Street Market CLOSING!!

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EAST VILLAGE— Believe it people. 9th Street Market, the beloved East Village brunch spot, known for its bearded owner and its hour long waits, is closing. According to a very trusted source, the owner is sitting on the steps giving away dishes this very moment. Straight from the East Village tipster: "...the fabled and beloved brunch spot and restaurant 9th Street Market on E.9th and 1st Ave. has closed, the owner is clearing it out today...the guy is sitting on the stoop just chatting w/people and giving away dishes, the place is disassembled...I did ask why and he said he just got tired, did it quietly (not a rent raise situation?), doesn't know what's coming next." Eater correspondents are en route to get photographic evidence of the carnage. [EaterWire]

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