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BLOCKBUSTER Shutter: 9th Street Market Carnage

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East Village: We kind of had to see it to believe it too. But here you have it: the cold, hard, truth that 9th Street Market is being gutted today. Head over there quickly if you want some dishware or a memento from the hole in the wall brunch spot, or if you want to pay your respects to the proprietor Todd. And start making plans for another place to stand for an hour on Sundays while you wait for a teensy two top (Prune is the obvi alternative). UPDATE: Another tipster writes in with this report: "He summed up the reason for the closure succinctly: 'I'm just tired of it, man, just tired of it. We had a good run, 14 years, but I'm just tired.' There may be a light at the end of the tunnel, though. When asked about any possible future projects, he didn't rule out the possibility."
· EaterWire BLOCKBUSTER: 9th Street Market CLOSING!! [~E~]

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