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Tuesday Opening Report: Sheridan Square, Kafana, Talay, Papasitos and More

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This is the Tuesday Opening Report, a regular feature that provides the precise status of venues. As per standard operating procedure around here, your contributions are so very welcome.

1) West Village: The long-plywooded Sheridan Square in the former Central Kitchen space was reported open this week by NYMag, and a Friday afternoon walk-by confirmed open status. Here’s the deal: “With the new kitchen talent comes a new dining-room design, featuring a cherrywood-burning oven and grill that Robins intends to use for various cuts of crowd-pleasing meat and whole fish" Status: Certified Soft Open. Official opening is Thursday.138 7th Avenue; 212-352-2237. [NYM]

2) East Village: NYMag reports this week that Serbian eatery Kafana is open on Avenue C, albeit without a liquor license. Here’s the lowdown: "Kafana’s menu is immersed in the stuff [pork], from the rinds that garnish a mixed-meat meze platter to the bacon that wraps walnut-stuffed prunes. And then, of course, there’s cevapi the region’s signature beef-pork-and-lamb sausages; a slew of vegetable salads; and variously stuffed pies, akin to layered bureks but, to Ocokoljic’s mind, better.” Status: Certified Open. 116 Avenue C; 212-353-8000. [NYM]

3) Harlem: Recent plywood entry Thai Alma has been reported open by Uptown Flavor and renamed Talay. A tipster sent them the following: “I went with a friend to Covo this weekend (which was nice) but noticed that the Thai-Latin spot, Talay, was open. Man, that lil’ corner of Harlem came outta’ nowhere! " Status: Certified Open. 701 W. 135th Street. No phone listed. [Uptown Flavor]

4) Astoria: Joey in Astoria reports that The Coffee Bar has opened in the former Zygos Taverna space. She writes: “The papers finally came off the windows this weekend, revealing a nice space (I like the wood) with plenty of menu offerings. They serve coffee and tea, bagels (with tofu cream cheese), pasta, sandwiches, salads, smoothies and dessert. They also serve beer! They are in the process of getting wifi, too, so I expect the laptop crowd will soon find this place.” Status: Certified Open. 22-55 31st Street, Astoria; 718-728-7070. [Joey in Astoria]

5) Greenpoint: And finally, Heather over at NewYorkShitty reports that Greenpoint now has its own beer garden, Papasito’s. She writes: “As I wrote in this post today the newest addition to the Greenpoint dining scene, Papasito’s, threw a Memorial Day Barbecue. If what I saw late this afternoon was any indication, it may very well be a hit! Per a tipster the food was plentiful, good and crazy cheap. A mere $5.00 a plate.” Status: Certified Open. Huron Street at Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint, no phone listed. [NewYorkShitty]

—Kelly Dobkin

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