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FW: Lombardi's Closed 20 Mins Early

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From: [an eater]
Date: Friday, May 23, 2008
To: eater complaints dept.
Subject: Lombardi's Closed 20 Mins Early

I went to Lombardi's last Thursday night at around 10:30-10:40. The place was pretty crowded but when we went inside, they said they were closed. I checked their website later and found out they don't close until 11. I know that closing twenty minutes early really isn't that big of a deal, and when I was a waitress I hated it when people came in just before closing time. However I think if you want to be a dependable restaurant with a loyal local following, you should never close before the official time unless you run out of food—even if you're a famous 100 year old pizza place. I'm wondering what your restaurant-owning readers think and if they ever let their staff close up early.


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