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The Shutter: 64 Downing, Original Soup Man

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Luckily, the city's restaurants have been spared the shutter for once. This week only Les Deux Gamins and the following stragglers met their demise. Know of anymore? Do tell.


1) West Village: This seems to be long shuttered, but the space at 64 Downing, once the home of cocktail lounge/Asian restaurant Junno's, is down for the count. No sign of what's coming next, but it's a pretty sizable space. [Shutter Inbox]

2) Greenpoint: The Brooklyn Paper reports on the closing of a short-lived soup shop: "After less than a year in business, Original Soup Man, an outpost of the Al Yeganeh soup shop that Jerry Seinfeld made famous, has turned off the stove at its Greenpoint location for good. The shop, which was an exciting addition to the humdrum dining options on its stretch of Manhattan Avenue, is now shuttered and locals are saying that high prices — up to $10 for a bowl! — were the kiss of death." [BP]

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