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EaterWire: Eleven Mad's Free Umbrellas, Ducasse's Discounted Wine, Seasonal Food Maps and More!!

MADISON SQ PARK—Echoing a sentiment expressed on a Zagat thread almost two months ago, the Times' The Moment blog professes their love for Danny Meyer and Eleven Madison Park's free umbrellas: "You know how New York is in the pouring rain: impossible to hail a cab in and messy to walk through. The day was beautiful prior to our arrival, so we were unprepared. Just as we were getting comfortable in the entryway’s leather chairs to wait for the rain to subside, the coat attendant handed us giant maroon and white golf umbrellas with Eleven Madison Park printed on one panel. 'Wow,' I thought. Genius." [The Moment]

MIDTOWN— The Feed blog has some intel on some rare and discounted wines at Ducasse's properties: "According to our tipster, Benoit has added the shuttered Essex House’s unsold collection to its wine list, and Adour is selling some of former occupant L’Espinasse’s leftover wines. While these bottles—described as "serious, high-end stuff" by our informant—are by no means inexpensive, they are being sold based on their pre-euro purchase prices." [The Feed]

NEW YORK CITY— A useful tool not just for greenmarket obsessives but also for city eaters (and travelers), Epicurious just launched their Peak-Season Map. It's an interactive feature that allows you to see which veggies are in season in which cities during specific months. [Epicurious]

NEW YORK CITY— And the lists go on and on. This one, from Men's Health, points out the country's best regional food. NYC apparently has the best egg cream (Gem Spa), Bloody Mary (King Cole Bar), and, this one took some thought, Waldorf Salad (Waldorf Astoria). You'll have to go elsewhere for the best pizza, burgers, seafood, and California rolls. Where do they come up with this stuff, really? [Men's Health]

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