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Unconfirmed Rumormongering: Developments in the Gray Kunz Universe

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This week we received two pieces of intel from some reliable Eater tipsters regarding the Gray Kunz universe. Since we're still waiting on the official word from team Gray, we're going to file these as unconfirmed but not unnecessarily untrue rumors:

1. Café Gray: Sayeth the tipster: "Was at Café Gray last night. The bartender said Gray plans to move Café Gray to the Times Square area (yuck). I love that place but I’m not really inclined to go to the new restaurant in that area (Gray wants the same concept in a smaller space). He also said Gray wanted to 'broaden his' persona/target audience or something – apparently he is targeting tourists."

2. Grayz: The following tip is a tad outlandish but not outside the realm of possibility. A reader tells us that Gray Kunz is out at Grayz, that he was pushed out by investors, and that the restaurant will close in August for renovations and re-open as a cocktail bar.

Any confirmations, denials, further intel? Let us know.
· Unconfirmed Rumormongering: Cafe Gray out at Time Warner Center [~E~]

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