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DOH Chronicles Double Duty Edition: Cafe Tina & The Little Bigger Place

1. Tribeca: A tipster reports that The Little Bigger Place, an American/Mexican restaurant on West Broadway that got some attention back in '01 for opening back up right after 9/11, was one of the DOH's latest victims. An Eater spot check confirms: place is down. Says the reader: "Yesterday workers were being let in to help clean with the door locked quickly behind them." Perhaps that means that it's down but not out.

2. Soho: And the DOH is busy this week. They've also hit up Cafe Tina, a divey little cafe and wine bar on Prince between Sullivan and Thompson. We don't think this one is getting back up again however, since Frederick LeSort has already been reported as opening a new space there to be called LeDen.

The week's not out, so we doubt this will be the last time the DOH strikes before the holiday weekend. Be on alert.
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