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EaterWire: WTB Officially Open, Grand Central Herring Fest, Toqueville's Fancy Greenmarket Menu, and More SATC Gimmicks

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LONG ISLAND CITY— Water Taxi Beach is officially open for the season. Who needs the Hamptons this weekend when you've got some burgers, the East River and trucked in sand...? [WTB]

GRAND CENTRAL— We weren't aware, but apparently the new herring season is something to celebrate. Starting Tuesday, June 3, The Grand Central Oyster Bar will hold their annual Holland Herring Festival "celebrating the arrival of 'nieuwe maatjes' herring from the Netherlands." Admission to "opening day ceremonies" is free. [EaterWire]

UNION SQUARETocqueville sends around a press release announcing a new, somewhat gimmicky Greenmarket menu, where all the ingredients come directly from the Union Square Greenmarket and each diner gets (excitement!) a reusable shopping bag after the meal: "The three-course menus center on products purchased from the Union Square greenmarket, and change daily depending on the freshest meat, fish and produce in the greenmarket, which is around the corner from the restaurant." [EaterWire]

UNION SQUARE— Apparently we were naive to think the Penn Station Houlihan's would be the only restaurant serving up ridiculous Sex and the City themed cocktails. From Gothamist: "...the Blue Water Grill will be offering up 'a specialty cocktail for cosmopolitan lovers on a girls’ night out.' Scooch up to your table and dunk a straw in the communal cosmo (dubbed 'the Big')..." [Gothamist]

Grand Central Oyster Bar

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