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Adventures in Shilling #029: Barrio, Tribeca Grill, Sweet Heart Coffee, & Crisp

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It's time for another edition of Adventures in Shilling, in which we fight shilling the best way we can, by shaming tasteless, unscrupulous shills into submission. Well, that's the plan, at least. Fight shills yourself by dropping offensive links to

crisp2.jpgAnother week goes by and another group of shillers try to push their under-performing restaurants on the innocent food loving public. This time the offenders come from all across the city and leave their mark in the comments here and on Midtown Lunch, Chowhound, and even in the inbox. Let's see what we have today:

The first suspected but unconfirmed shill comes from a Chowhounder posting on Park Slope Mexican favorite, Barrio: "The chicken enchiladas are simply amazing. I've been on a quest to find good Mexican food here ever since I moved from San Diego five years ago. You can taste the Mexican oregano in the perfectly seasoned chicken. Am going back for the mole ASAP. Love the ambiance. Terracotta tile floors, good light, and the mural make it all feel like home."
Shill Probability: 42%

And we have the usual suspicious rave from the eater comments, this time about Tribeca Grill: "I don't know about all the nonsense raised by guest #38, but I can tell you that I dined recently at Tribeca Grill, and it was a great experience. Plus they have a very substantial wine list, and their website mentions that they were just entered into the Nations's Restaurant News Hall of Fame. The place was packed when I was there. If that's a reflection of a restaurant on the slide, more restaurants should follow their lead."
Shill Probability: 68%

This one, straight from the inbox from someone who is apparently unconnected to the owners: "Sweet Heart Coffee (a bakery) is one of the best kept secrets in Chelsea. They make the best empanadas (Argentinian) and tasty pastries - alfajores, turnovers (apple!), cupcakes (with ballerinas), ricotta cheesecake, tofu cheesecake (like a cloud), cookies (better than sex chocolate) and muffins (sunshine) and more. The sugar-free pastries are made from fruit puree, not maltose or artificial sugar and they are first-rate...I don't have a food blog or but hope someone will review this nabe favorite which has been around fifteen years."
Shill Probability: 84%

The shillers are out in full force on Midtown Lunch for the recently opened Crisp. There are a number of shameless comments, but this is our favorite: "I love the freshness of everything! Since the hummus, pita and falafals are prepared everyday fresh, the taste is amazing. I did not mind paying a bit more for the innovative packaging which helps to hold my sandwhich in place and also for their eco friendly, bio-degradable products. Overall, I was very happy."
Shill Probability: 96%

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