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Eater Match Game: Bar Milano, Bar Q, Scarpetta, and More!

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For a little Wednesday fun we present Eater Match Game. Match the correct comment from all the usual sources—Yelp, Menupages, Citysearch, blog comment sections—with the correct new restaurant. The prize? You will be slightly less productive at work for the next 5 minutes.


Today's restaurants: A: Cabrito, B: Scarpetta, C: Cafe Society, D: Elizabeth, E: Bar Q, F: Bar Milano
And the reviews:

1) "The place is touting its cocktails. I had a tangy citrusy cocktail that was pretty delicious...I'm sad to say the meal was far less than great, despite the pricey check (and we left hungry)...The lamb was our best dish...The burger was mediocre, the fries were soft, and the chicken was on the dry side."

2) "Waited 30 minutes for a table (had a reservation and it wasn't prime time) and another 30 minutes between the first and second course...The short ribs and duck/FG raviolis were to die for."

3) "Secondly, this isnt a cheap place, so what is the deal with the bread presentation? Two small rolls and a spaghetti thin bread roll crossing them - sort of like a meager phallus of wheat...We ordered salads - the misto - very tasty but the kiwis were not as prominent as expected..."

4) "My patience ran thin after several blunders by our waitress, who not only kept us thirsty and starving for awhile but also annoyed us with her not-so-apologetic, cavalier attitude...As for the food, it was pretty decent...probably worth 3 stars or so...the menu is totally random and all over the place. I appreciate variety but the lack of cohesion here is a bit off putting. There's a middle 'sushi' section that seems completely out of place."

5) "I will agree with the sentiment that the food is hit or miss, with some of it being fabulous and some of it being a bit off the mark--including, unfortunately, their Drinks were good but a bit expensive. I live in the neighborhood, a couple of blocks away, and I would say it is a typical...crowd--which these days unfortunately includes at least a few people on any given night that went through a tunnel or bridge to get there."

6) "Judging from the name we had in mind a smallish, cozy spot with casual food to match. Instead the restaurant is rather large...While we can't recommend sitting in the front, the main dining room looked comfortable and the atrium and outdoor areas will no doubt be popular when warm weather arrives."

Answers tomorrow...

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