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Good News/ Bad News Scarpetta

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Scott Conant's newest project, Scarpetta, opened just a week ago and already the foodies, both the pros and the amateurs, have swarmed the place. From what we can tell from the preview party reports and a mid-week Eater spot check, Conant has some big fans. But let's get down to the details and find out the good news and the bad news from the food obsessed public:

1) The Good News: A tipster writes in with some good news from last Friday night: "The space itself is beautiful though it gets pretty loud when the restaurant is full. Our waiter was a little over the top, insisting on explaining almost the entire menu. However his recommendations were spot on. We had the polenta, the hamachi, the goat, and the cod, and the key lime "cheesecake" and everything was incredible. They also bring out a bread basket with ham and cheese rolls and regular bread with sides of marscapone, olive oil, and caponata. Conant made an appearance in the dining room, coming out of the kitchen to speak to the table next to us (VIPs)." [Eater Inbox]

2) The Pretty Good News: A poster from eGullet notices some issues with the service but overall likes the place: "... the susci was quite good....albeit it probably stood out more a few years ago....a lot of dishes kind of like this on NY menus now. the calamarata was very good. really, really liked this dish. tagliatelle was good...though not with quite as many layers of flavor as some of its competitors elsewhere...the kitchen had fallen behind of course (opening night) but the offered drink on the house was exactly the right thing to do..." [eG]

3) The Bad news: Someone from Chowhound chimes in with the bad news which mostly revolves around the service and a goaty burrata: "It's a pretty room, nicely lit, warm woods and natural elements. The menu looks lovely, heavy with seasonal ingredients and a lot of fish. I sat at the bar (comfy bar stools) and had a nice rose, the fritto misto and the burrata. The fritto misto was tasty - calamari, shrimp, eggplant, artichokes and lemons, topped with fried sage and fried parsley. The burrata wasn't very interesting. Super goaty and served with pickled eggplant and some toasts - to me, the components just didn't go together. The 1/2 order of pasta that I ordered never showed, but after a couple of glasses of wine, that didn't matter much! I didn't realize it was their opening night...There certainly were a lot of people working but service was very bumpy and awkward. I can say that everyone seemed very invested and caring and that always feels good." [CH]

4) The Good News: A reviewer on the restaurant's Menupages page likes everything about the place: "I've been waiting for Scott Conant's new restaurant and grabbed a table in the cafe here last was awesome, service was friendly, and I liked that the wine list had a lot of good bottles on it...Good place. Will be back." [Menupages]


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