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Get to Know Your Frankies: 4th Frankies Restaurant Opens in the East Village

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Over the weekend we got an email announcing the opening of a new Indian restaurant on 2nd avenue between 11th & 12th Street called Frankie's. The owner explains:

"I know the name doesn't sound Indian, but in Bombay Frankie's are wraps that you buy on street corners. Our food is somewhat the same concept as a lot of the Kati rolls/wrap places in new york but definitely a much healthier version of it and does not lack in taste."
Fine, kati rolls are called Frankies is Bombay. But why would you name your restaurant such a thing when you already have a Frankies, a Lil' Frankies, and a Frank in the neighborhood? Mystifying. Another strange fact about this place: it shares a space with Singas Pizza (the owners of both operations are married). In order to eliminate confusion, the above gallery should help to know your neighborhood Frankie's, Frankies, Franks and the like.
— Photos by Adam Haas

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