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Checking In: Worst Outdoor Tables in the East Village

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Welcome to our tour of the worst outdoor tables in the East Village. Have some offenders in your neighborhood? Let us know.

With summer (and hopefully nicer weather) quickly approaching, restaurants and bars are scrambling to set up tables on whatever sidewalk space they may have. Whether it's a large outdoor section next to 2nd Avenue traffic, a small impromptu setup by the garbage, or a wobbly table in a makeshift garden, New York restaurants come up with all kinds of disastrous options, and New Yorkers deign them worthy enough to sit there. Here's a stroll through one of the worst offending neighborhood: The East Village.

1) 7A: The pseudo-wall blocking the trash bins won't do much to mask the smell of sun-baked garbage come July.

2) Cafe Deville/Cosmic Cantina: It's annoying for restaurant owners when scaffolding covers the fronts of their places. It even more annoying for diners eating under it.

3) Haveli: Sure, the tables are cramped. But, what seems to be a bullet hole in the front glass is enough reason to not go inside, let alone sit out front.

4) Pukk: Admittedly, this table isn't technically outside. Although, it isn't really inside, either. Even if there were other entries in the "Worst Foyer Tables," this three-top would still take home the win.

5) Wine Bar: Here you can sit side-by-side and sip chardonnay a few feet from 2nd Avenue exhaust.

6) Hummus Place: These Lilliputian tables are perfect for when you, Frodo and Sam have a hankering for some hummus.

7) 2nd Avenue between 5th and 6th: The Mermaid Inn/Candela/Frank: People seem to love these tables, as evidenced by the groups waiting to get them on any given night. Therefore, your view when seated consists of the backs of people waiting or the 2nd Avenue traffic.

8) Caravan of Dreams: A cup of herbal tea on a lazy afternoon while watching passersby–pleasant. Being eye level with said passersby's crotches–not so pleasant. (Although, we did see Gina Gershon sitting there a little while ago and walked by 12 times. She didn't seem to notice.)
—Adam Haas
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