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EaterWire: Luca Lounge Officially Doneski, Competitive Eating Game Debuts, and Watching Top Chef with Spike and Andrew

EAST VILLAGE— Bottomless Dish reports that East Village restaurant and bar Luca Lounge, originally closed for renovations, is shuttered for good: "And then up popped this 'store for rent' sign, which I noticed yesterday, confirming that despite everyone's best efforts, Luca Lounge is indeed a goner. But with a sprawling space (plus a massive backyard), the next question is, of course, what's next for the bar formerly known as Luca Lounge?" [Bottomless Dish]

MIDTOWN— Fork in the Road checks out the launch of the new Wii competitive eating game after a real life watermelon competitive eating event in Rockefeller Center today. Their review: "Then the two played the new Wii competitive eating game, which actually looks like it might get old really quickly (although watching people play video games is always dull). Basically, you pick up the food (watermelon in this case) with a movement of your hand, and then place it in your mouth and chew by hitting the 'B' button." [Fork in the Road]

TOP CHEF UNIVERSE— If you haven't gotten enough Top Chef news today, check out this video of Spike and Andrew watching last week's episode. We find out that Andrew thinks the editing was unfair, he still holds a grudge against Lisa (though she is on texting terms with Spike), and that there is a possibility that Spike lives with his parents and/or owns an L-shaped leather couch. [Bravo]

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