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Eater Inside: Hundred Acres

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Sam Horine, 5/20/08

What you see above is Hundred Acres, the newest project from Marc Meyer and Vicki Freeman. Just last month it was Provence, then the shuttered Provence, and finally the gutted Provence. Now that everything from the old restaurant but the bar and the wood paneling has been stripped away and all the necessary menu changes have been made— Voila!—it's a new restaurant.

The hope from Meyer and Freeman is that this place will be more inviting that its previous incarnation. Meyer said upon the shuttering last month, "It became a special-occasion restaurant, packed on weekends, but we want a place that people would be happy coming to all the time." Accordingly, the menu features more accessible, casual fare. The big hit from the preview party last night, for example, was a pasture-raised beef slider with roasted Vidalia onion mayo, and the owners say that menu items will top out at around $22. As is la mode these days, Meyer's menu will source heavily from the Greenmarket and is said to change daily. We're sure we'll have some Chowhound reports soon after the restaurant's Thursday opening, and the big guns (the Brunz, Plattster) will follow. More reading here and here.

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