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The Plywood Report: Curry Ya, Black Iron Burger Shop, Lookout Hill, & More!

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1) East Village: Over the weekend we got this note in from a tipster on the progress of the burger shop going into the old Bouche Bar space: "Looks like a new burger spot called Black Iron Burger Shop will be opening up in June on 5th Street between A & B. The place looks like it is going to be very classic looking." [PLYWOOD]

2) East Village: A special East Village correspondent checks in on the much delayed Curry Ya: "...walked past this spot today on 10th bet. 1st and 2nd. nobody to talk to, but looks like it is pretty close to opening. there was a post about it on nymag last year saying it was scheduled for february." [PLYWOOD]

3) Park Slope: From a Slope resident on the soon to open Lookout Hill: "This restaurant is opening in the cursed space that last housed Biscuit BBQ at 230 Fifth Avenue at President Street in Park Slope. Looks like it's almost ready to go." Gowanus Lounge has some further intel on it. [PLYWOOD]

4) East Village: The plywood has come down slightly, but Kurve, the new fancy Thai joint to come to 2nd Avenue, looks farther from opening than we had originally thought. We're figuring early to mid summer. [PLYWOOD]

5) Midtown East: And more of a question than a tip, we have this email: "Anyone know what's going on at the old Mayfair on 1st ave & 53rd. Someone is finally working in there w/ the front repainted and the awning saying coming soon..." [PLYWOOD]

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