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Eater Inside: Elizabeth

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Ed Stern, 4/30/08

What you are looking at here is Elizabeth, the week-old restaurant in the old Rialto space on Elizabeth and Prince. The owners are the same but the architect is new, as is the consultant, the always popular Doug Psaltis (though we're guessing his involvement ended with the creation of the menu). The full time chef is ex-Country man John Iconomou. Like its predecessor, the backyard here is a major selling point, and it could help to draw in the early fans in the upcoming warm months.

To the brass tacks: the banquettes are leather, the bar, marble, and the menu, rife with small plates. Cocktails also seem to get a heavy emphasis, as is the norm these days. With its location and that backyard, all they have to do to bring in the people is serve some decent food. But that's probably what people said about Rialto, and the early word isn't great so far. They better smooth out the kinks before the gorgeous May weather hits. Further reading here and here.

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